Birds of Yodo River
January 2003

My apartment "Riverty park Hirakata" in which I live builds on the super bank
on the left bank of Yodo-River. Many birds come to this Yodo-River.
I want to catch these birds with a digital camera(SONY Cyber-shot DSC-S70),
a digital camera (CASIO QV-2900UX) of optical 8 times zoom and
a single-lens reflex camera (Canon EOS kiss) with 80-400mm zoom lens
or a field scope (JIOMA 80-A of BIKUSEN) --
It attaches and photography by 1300mm looking far is a subject.

KOSAGI (small -- a snowy heron) of the kind of egret is often coming to Yodogawa
(8 times camera optics)

AOSAGI also often comes.
(Digital camera optical 8 times + digital twice )

All the following photographs are photography by 1300mm looking far of
a field scope and single lens reflex camera.
Focus and camera-shake were difficult
and a very much sharp photograph was not able to be taken.

The beak of KOSAGI is black.

The thing with a yellow beak is CHUUSAGI (medium snowy heron).

The photography to which a snowy heron flies cannot be photographed easily.
Please expect future.

There were seldom signs that the fish was eaten.

It is KAWAU.
It is said that the cormorant of Ukai of Nagara-gawa is a Temminck's cormorant.

It is KERI (Gray-headed Lapwing) which was in the rice field on July 9. Near this, it often sees.

Although it is a bird just like the pigeon, it is the full length of 35.5cm, and when it flies away, it is a beautiful bird like Tsuru. I borrowed the lower photograph from the "Wild Bird 282" of Shogakukan.

Recentry many ducks are coming to Yodogawa.
(January 6, 2003 photography)

A photograph is taken by digital camera
optical 3 times zoom.

A photograph is taken with 400mm
looking far and ASA 800 film.

A fly of AOSAGI seen at the river Minamo-Kairo was caught
at last with 400mm looking far and ASA 800 film.

(January 6, 2003 photography)

Many sea gulls are also come.
Since it seldom escapes, a photograph can be taken in near.

(January 6, 2003 photography)