East Kobe Bridge
December 2001

East Kobe Bridge is the great cable stayed bridge
of 2 stories concerning a Hanshin high-way Kobe line.
I introduce the beautiful figure in which full use of the newest technology was made.

Three upper photographs -- Mr. Matsumura takes these photographs.
Please enjoy East Kobe Bridge which stands still at the setting sun
and the left of the sun which sets in the Rokko-Mountains.

Similarly it is East Kobe Bridge by Matsumura by which the light rise was carried out.
(December 15, 2001)

It is East Kobe Bridge similarly seen from Okuike by Mr. Matsumura's photography.
(August 27, 2001)

It is the complete view of completed East Kobe Bridge.
885m (200m+485m+200m) of bridge length.
It is hung by 96 HiAm anchor cables (1300t).

Two new technology is adopted as the cable used here.

One is having attached the parallel projection on the surface of the cable, and having mitigated vibration by the wind of a cable.

Another is having printed and painted the white fluoro-resin to polyethylene covering on the surface of a cable.
Although it was thought that paint was impossible since any material was not pasted up on polyethylene, the coloring cable was put in practical use for the first time on this bridge.