Historic relics Call at Odoi in Kyoto
May 2005


Odoi is the bank of the ground which Hideyoshi Toyotomi built to Kyoto in Tensho 19 (1591).
Odoi had the role which distinguishes the inside of Kyoto, and the outside of kyoto clearly
with military defense and the measure against a flood.
The width of the base of Odoi is 9m, the height is 3m and the total extension is about 23km.
Simultaneously with Odoi, the ditch with a width of 4m to 18m was dug.
Now, as for the marks in Odoi, about nine places of historic relics are left.

I introduce on June 5, 2005 along with the route which is due to walk at the meeting of the Kansai history walk.

A click of and of the remains of Odoi displays details.


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