March 2004


I looked at raw soccer for the first time in the Kobe wing stadium on Satuday, March 27.
This stadium was built for the World Cup of soccer.
Boast of this stadium is that opening and closing of a roof are as early as 20 minutes.

The place of Kobe Wing Stadium should click the right@Λ@@

Appearance of the Kobe wing stadium seen from the northeast
(Two connector photographs)

Appearance of the Kobe wing stadium seen from the south.

The complete view inside the stadium seen from the grandstand side.
(Four connector photographs)

Game start

‚P‚PF‚e‚v@Tomokazu Miura@@‚Q‚UF‚c‚e@Naoya Kondo

The movable formula roof which can be opened and closed in 20 minutes

East back stand complete view (the number of visitors is 13000 persons)

Scenery of seats (east back stand side)

The supporter seat which seethes with the goal of the Vissel Kobe great desire

The girl who aids the Vissel Kobe

The panorama seat of the grandstand where I took the photograph.
There are also seats with a table.
(The ticket sold in advance of 1500 yen, day ticket of 2000 yen)


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